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So the stairs that you could climb are the ones you left behind, and your eyes light up when we talk about the past. God, I miss the songs we used to sing and talking like getting away would be the greatest thing. Well, me I got out and you kept singing to me. Like that's really gonna set this free.


Give me a second I,
I need to get my story straight
My friend’s are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state
My lover she is waiting for me
Just across the bar
My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar
And I know I gave it to you two nights ago
I know you’re trying to forget

Fun. - We Are Young (via mcsherrybr)

We wait forever, if ever and youre too hip to saying never I’ll never get it, oh I shouldnt sweat it not
Like it matters, its over, yeah at least till you come over so much for shutters, we’re living under covers

The Format - Let’s Make This Moment A Crime (via mcsherrybr)

Oh my god I gave my best but for three whole years to end like this

The Format - The First Single (via mcsherrybr)

You know me, oh you think you do you just don’t seem to see
I’ve been waiting all this time to be, something I can’t define

The Format - The First Single (via mcsherrybr)