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So the stairs that you could climb are the ones you left behind, and your eyes light up when we talk about the past. God, I miss the songs we used to sing and talking like getting away would be the greatest thing. Well, me I got out and you kept singing to me. Like that's really gonna set this free.


And these chords remain,
we’ll use them to exploit the friends. We’ve since forgot those friends we’ve lost,
you all know just who you are.
Cause I’ve since made graves,
but im too scared to etch the names for fear that im the one whos changed

The Format; Wait, Wait, Wait (via hesaslutandapigandaslutpig)

C’mon can you count all the loves that didn’t last?
It’s such a gas when you bring up the past.

Baby, put your name down on a piece of paper.
I don’t want no savior baby
I just wanna get it out.

Oh oh, oh, At least I’m not as sad as I used to be.

Fun. - At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)


I’m trying to find truth in words, in rhymes, in notes

in all the things I wish I wrote

cause I feel like I’ve been losing you, each night it ends too soon

you don’t hold me like you used to and your eyes look like they’ve seen too much

it’s always some excuse, too tired, too obtuse

you look so far removed

this time I fear I’m losing you for good